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@cfleming: in that old refheap i mentioned something about hitting "refresh" in the leiningen tool window. i never did really understand what was going on there, but it was something that i battled for a couple hours before you helped me figure it out. i assume that if you follow the new wiki instructions word for word it's not necessary, but might be a note to add to that doc if people start having trouble when trying to adapt the process described in the new wiki to existing projects or whatever.


i think that's where it came into play...was having trouble w/ the repl within cursive when there were newly added deps in project.clj? can't really recall


Yeah, I'll do that, thanks. I'm about to revamp the doc in a pretty major way, and that's definitely on the list.


I'll probably also add a popup banner at the top of project.clj when you've modified it but not synced afterwards.


hmm, actually, maybe i was/am shooting myself in the foot by removing the "before launch" tasks? that's something i've just always done without really understanding why i'm doing it.


That's probably because it's really confusing.


And will also be clarified in the doc.


But no, that shouldn't be a problem. There's also a bug right now where the project.clj isn't always saved when it should be. I'm planning to fix that for the next build too.