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@reefersleep Yeah, I suppose I haven't hit the "somewhat" realtime constraint yet because my style aren't that huge just yet


Garden can perform white-space minification for CSS. Are there any other forms of minification out there in other products? Is redundancy-minimization a thing?


I think my “somewhat” experiences are probably not due to the size of my hiccup structures. Browser reload times with figwheel generally seem a bit flaky to me. Sometimes, it turns out it’d be just as fast or faster to force a reload manually.


Haven’t done anything towards figuring out why, though 🙂 It hasn’t been bad enough to warrant the work, really.


@worlds-endless I think I saw some kind of tool that’d simplify your CSS, including coalescing redundant part.


Don’t remember what it was called and I’m unsure if it’s exactly what you need, but I think you can find, if not that tool, then a similar tool.