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@akiroz that’s what I’m thinking re: the data structures. They’re one of my favourite things about Clojure/CLJS 🙂 But even with that awesomeness, I haven’t come up with a satisfying way to organize vanilla reagent CSS maps in Clojure.


In order to get what I want - the full functionality of CSS - without actually using stylesheets, I probably need to resort to stylefy or garden. Not sure I’ll have won anything, though, I don’t know them well enough. But I guess I’ll explore them next


One of the reasons that the data structures of Clojure are so awesome is because of how transparent the literals are. If I do too much merging or munging of any kind, really, that pro is somewhat lost.


If it's any contribution to the earlier discussion, I find styling my reagent apps with garden and garden-gnome to be a sheer joy (real-time updates of the site appearance in my browser)


And while it's probably standard in css processors, Garden's implementation of color-arithmetic ("inverse", "lighten 15%", "darken 30%") are nice