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@noprompt: I started a new project without garden (thinking I'd wait for the new alpha), and after 1 afternoon of css I've decided never again :)


@shaun-mahood lol


@shaun-mahood i'm getting close to having a alpha ready of the next version. my kids got sick and i lost a couple weeks of development but i'm back at it.


i won't be able to release a stable version for sure until clojure 1.9 is stable.


@noprompt: Oh that sucks, I’ve got a toddler and whenever she gets even remotely sick pretty much everything optional stops.


@shaun-mahood i've got a two year old and an almost one year old. let's just say i hope you never have to deal with the world of hand, foot, and mouth!


No pressure :slightly_smiling_face: I’m going to start with the current version tomorrow, I thought I could do without it but it was not fun at all. On the plus side I discovered which is just about a perfect library for what I wanted.


Ha! Almost 2 year old, we’ve had hand foot and mouth once as well as whooping cough (after immunizations, and thankfully nothing major except for 3 months of terror and missing sleep). I kept calling it hoof and mouth though :slightly_smiling_face: Thankfully it was just with one, I can’t imagine doing it with 2 of them sick at once


I never imagined how hard some of this parenting stuff could be, hope your kids get better soon.


i'll have to have a look at some of the new css libraries that have come out recently. since the next version of garden will support existing css resources it'll be fun to see how an existing stylesheet can be loaded and manipulated. one of the coolest things that the next version can do is transform a parsed stylesheet into garden.


oh, my kids are fine now. it took about a week (thankfully) but then i got sick after being burned out from the stress of having my kids home for that amount of time!


Not fun at all :disappointed: Hope you have a chance to relax a bit and recover. As an aside, are you going to be at the Conj this year?


@shaun-mahood it'd be nice but unfortunately i don't know when if i'll get the chance to attend a conference anytime soon. clojure west is probably the only clojure conference i might be able to make it too if it's in california.


@noprompt: Oh too bad, hopefully we can both make it to Clojure West next year and can say thanks in person - garden is one of the libraries that has had a huge impact on how much I enjoy work.


@shaun-mahood that's awesome to hear! it always makes me happy to know that, even considering how long it's been since it's had a solid upgrade, it's still valuable to folks.


Even without any changes I still find it much better than anything else I’ve tried - probably the best thing about it is that I never have to switch gears when working with Clojure and CLJS, which has made me massively more productive. Just having to put the colons on the other side for CSS gives me so much grief when going back and forth on fiddly UI bits.