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@jeff.terrell: I checked out jsass, and it seems the reason it doesn’t run on FreeBSD is because jsass uses its own native layer instead of using JNA and/or JFFI. In my Copious Free Time, I’ll see about making a fork of jsass that uses JFFI, as a way to learn JFFI. (I already have JNA experience from a previous job some years ago.)


(Similar to my idea of creating EmojiSweeper as a way to learn ClojureScript, Reagent, and re-frame. I’m all about finding effective, useful ways to learn new technologies!)


@cky - Nice! That's useful info, and a good correction for me since I was thinking that jsass used JNA (with a high degree of ignorance about what JNA actually is). Also, a fork would be welcome! I'm toying with the idea of just skipping all this native stuff and writing a sass compiler in Clojure, but I really doubt I'll actually get around to it.