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Someone posted the other day that they were working on CSS Modules for boot? Who was that? Trying to find the link...


Yep that's the one. I just managed to find it in the daily logs that have been saved. Cheers 😄


@grounded_sage: 👋 that would be me! I haven't had a chance to work on it since, but I'm hoping to start picking off issues/adding features this weekend


if you want to contribute/see anything specific, I'm happy to work with you on it simple_smile


@bendy: I'm still new to programming so my contributions would be minimal. Went to play with PostCSS some time ago but I spent about 6 hours trying to work out how to use Webpack and eventually gave up (I believe it was to use CSS modules when they were first created). I started out in programming with Meteor at the beginning of last year and dabbled with Less and Sass very lightly. Been learning in spare time ever since. I've just been building a static website using Stasis, Garden and Hiccup. The most painful thing is CSS globals.


@grounded_sage no worries - if anything that makes your input more valuable. I want to make sure it's as foolproof as possible, because using it in a webpack build makes it seem so daunting simple_smile


@bendy: I'm happy to share my experience. I'm actually considering giving Webpack another go for the next static website I want to build with React. Will be interesting to see if it's any easier for me to get through it.