# css

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grounded_sage 08:29:58

does anyone know the way to use media queries?

grounded_sage 08:30:47

@niamu: sorry to ping you. Just wondering regarding question above?

niamu 08:31:12

Like in general with CSS or specifically with garden?

niamu 08:37:23

I haven’t personally done that yet but give me a couple minutes and I can work it out.

grounded_sage 08:37:52

I'm looking at Mesh to see if I can extract it from there. Which may help you help me :stuck_out_tongue:

niamu 08:40:44

I got it.

grounded_sage 08:41:19

`(css (at-media {:max-width (px 600)} [:body {:background 'blue}])) "@media (max-width: 600px) {\n\n body {\n background: blue;\n }\n\n}"

niamu 08:41:37

yeah, that’s essentially what I was about to type.

grounded_sage 08:41:38

woops lol forgot thing on end.
Need to pull in from Stylesheet (at-media)

niamu 08:42:06

That wasn’t so hard. :stuck_out_tongue:

grounded_sage 08:42:08

Figured it out anyways. But thank you for helping!

niamu 08:42:16

Any time