# css

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josh.freckleton 00:36:45

@niamu nice, that worked well, except I've got one glitch. If I want to define something like: content: "ABC" I do it like this:
{:content "\"ABC\""} and it renders as: content: &qout;ABC&qout;;, any idea how to get quotes into the style tag? (note, I mispelled quot so that slack doesn't format it)

josh.freckleton 00:42:37

I've tried double escaping it, but then the quotes just render as: \&qout;

niamu 06:09:10

@josh.freckleton: You’re running into an issue with hiccup there i think. Hiccup will safely escape rendered HTML by default so you need to tell it not to do that.

niamu 06:09:31

At a cursory glance of the source code/documentation I don’t see how to do that unfortunately.

niamu 06:10:16

I have more experience using in tandem with garden than I do hiccup.