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Hi, I've noticed that urls are not that friendly out of the box:

Notice the url encoding that is happening with the spaces - %20 1. How do you solve this / Is there a switch readily availabe to turn on clean url? 2. I think this is pretty common and should be made availbale if not allready. I know about the link customization but in . However I don't think that is enough IMO. I believe this should be an OPT-IN feature in cryogen (or a companion project: cryogen-opinionated /cryogen-extra). There is no reason why anyone should have to figure out how to fix the links if there is a good enough option available that they can enable. I have 2 sites with Cryogen and plan on using it more and I would like to contribute this kind of small features. WDYT?


Do you mean converting a post file name such as my activities for week to a URL of say .../


The customization of the links in the config are more about what the end of the URL looks like (e.g., does it end in .html or in a trailing slash or without the trailing slash).