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I propose the following: • PRs should not change the version in project.clj. • A CHANGELOG file should be updated by each PR. • The "normal" state of the repo should have a version of x.y.z-SNAPSHOT. Thus noting that the current version of the repo is in between releases. • Before a release, the CHANGELOG file and any documentation (especially the README) should be updated to the new release version. • When a release is made, we can run lein release to update the version in project.clj, make a commit, tag the release, and create a new version ending in -SNAPSHOT. Thoughts? (Preferably in a thread).

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Thanks for the feedback. I looked at the CHANGELOG you pointed at. I like the mention of each PR. I like the section for breaking changes. I like the idea of a summary. I would also add dates and some sections (Deprecated, Fixed, Security) as per . Thanks for the links to the CONTRIBUTING and RELEASE files. Yeah, something like those would be good.