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@carmen / @yogthos do you have any idea how <!--more--> becomes "`<!–more–>`" (i.e. <!&ndash;more&ndash;>)? It is correct in the source file. Is that some transformation that version of markdown did? I have tried the MD library locally via REPL, hopefully in the right version, and it does no such thing...


hmm not sure where there escaping is happening, would need a bit of investigating if it's not done by the library


@dorab I am afraid your broke the docs because some key functions have been removed / renamed. I propose to revert the commit as the fixes are not trivial, I believe. Some issues: • Conflict between render-file from selmer.parse and from cryogen-core.compiler • copy-images-from-markdown-folders isn't anymore (but I do not see any images in the md folder so we can perhaps just drop it) • read-config has been replaced with cryogen-core.config/resolve-config AND it expects the config to be under <path>/content/config.edn so the current resources/templates/config.edn cannot be read • The public constant does not exist anymore • (likely some more) Perhaps it would work to split resources/templates/md into resources/content/md and moving config.edn into content...


Thanks for the report. Sorry about breaking the docs. As far as I can tell, that commit was just bumping the dependencies - in particular, the cryogen-core version was pretty old. I'm presuming that the issues you're seeing are related to mismatched versions? Perhaps all that is needed is to bump up all the versions to the versions used by the current version of cryogen? How did you find the errors? I was looking for a test suite but didn't find any. Is there a way I can test any changes to this repo? In any case, I am okay if you want to revert the dependency changes to project.clj. The change to resources/templates/md/docs/ (noting that there can be multiple asciidoc extension) should remain.


No, there have been many backwards incompatible changes, just bumping versions won't help. There is a reason why Carmen has not done it 🙂 I have started on it but not sure I will have enough time and knowledge to finish


Thanks. How do you find the errors? Edit: Figured it out. lein run.


I am nearly finished fixing it

holyjak21:11:30 fixes the site to work with the latest core. It would be awesome of somebody else could test that everything works as it should 🙏


I just ran lein run and it seemed to do the right thing. I ran lein ring server and that failed with an arity error. I'm not sure it was expected to work. But, as a result, I was not able to test the files with a web server. I think .circleci/config.yml probably needs some changes too.


Thank you! I answered on the PR. ring server works for me?!


I updated the PR with my findings.