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Hi, I have something strange since this morning using crux. It should be related to an upgrade other than crux but if someone has an hint ? Many thanks

2021-04-19T08:07:34.007Z ouvasam INFO [crux.hash.jnr:311] - dlopen(libgcrypt.dylib, 9): image not found
WARNING: /usr/local/opt/[email protected]/bin/java is loading libcrypto in an unsafe way
If i try to install libgcrypt using brew install libgcrypt i have this error:
WARNING: /usr/local/opt/[email protected]/bin/java is loading libcrypto in an unsafe way


I see this everywhere on “Big Sur”, also for python and nodejs related things IIRC.


Is openjdk from homebrew?


Hi thanks, no i don't think so


I'm trying to reinstall java


oops, yes it is i think


Yes, the solution seems to be a newer (or freshly) compiled JSK which depends on an explicit version of “libcrypto” instead of “whatever libcrypto in this system is”. (Roughly described)


😅 i'll try to find thanks


The problem is that i have to use tomcat which use [email protected] but this version does not work with crux


Hey @U0F7M1KA7 I don't know what the specific cause might be here, but you can probably work around this for now by switching from libgcrypt to OpenSSL or our own ByteUtils SHA1 implementation. This can be done by setting environment variables, see:


Hi @U899JBRPF Many thanks for taking time. What i did is to use jenv to use another java version for my app. So tomcat can use openjdk


I'll conserve this to check if it works


many tahnks


no problem, I hope you find a satisfying answer eventually 🙂


if you find that Crux could be doing something specifically more helpful here please feel free to open an issue

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ATTN: Production Users! Are you currently using crux-jdbc in production? If so, please DM or email me (<mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>) before this Friday (23rd)! We are hoping to provide a smooth upgrade path for the next release that ideally requires your help to validate the practical implications of the SQL migration fix(es) to resolve this JDBC performance issue

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aye aye captain

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