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Quick question - the client api that allows you to attach to a remote db over http? Is there a clojure script version of that api?


Nothing official, although I did hack one together once, so maybe you can do something similar:


Are you writing Lambdas in cljs or something?


It would be good to go direct from cljs to the db, without having an extra layer in between.


You mean from cljs running in a browser? It was certainly nice to be able to do that for that original console prototype, but I'm not sure I can think of other scenarios where exposing your DB directly like that would be a good idea 🙂 what did you have in mind?

Toyam Cox03:02:26

What's with the dollar sign in the :in tests? :in [$ a]


Essentially it's just for better compatibility with DataScript tests, since we don't actually support multiple DB input sources you can also safely ignore it