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Ian Fernandez18:07:54

Folks I'm getting some error from this

Ian Fernandez18:07:45

15:42:08.337 [nREPL-session-c9ed3fa1-f255-497d-afd9-30060ce0ef4f] WARN crux.kv.memdb - Using sync? on MemKv has no effect. Persistence is disabled.
Execution error (ClassCastException) at crux.node/eval26196$fn (node.clj:169).
class cannot be cast to class ( and are in module java.base of loader 'bootstrap')
15:42:08.374 [crux-tx-consumer] INFO crux.tx - Started tx-consumer
15:42:08.409 [crux-tx-consumer] DEBUG crux.memory - :pool-allocation-stats {:allocated 131072, :deallocated 0, :in-use 131072}
15:42:08.786 [crux-tx-consumer] INFO crux.hash.jnr - unknown
15:42:08.787 [crux-tx-consumer] INFO crux.hash - Using libgcrypt for ID hashing.
15:45:34.859 [crux-tx-consumer] DEBUG crux.memory - :pool-allocation-stats {:allocated 262144, :deallocated 0, :in-use 262144}

Ian Fernandez18:07:04

what's this error node.clj:169 ??

Eric Ihli01:07:02

What version of crux are you using? Looking at 20.05-1.8.3-alpha I don't see anything at line 169 that looks relevant. Tough for me to look into without knowing what version.


I suspect this might be a bug with print-method on the Crux node object that'll affect rendering a Crux node as a string, introduced recently - there's an overly specific type hint. As far as I'm aware this shouldn't affect normal running of the Crux node. Will arrange a fix

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Thanks @U9ABG0ERZ for flagging it up - indeed, there's already a fix on master that will go out with our next release

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Ian Fernandez12:07:08

I'm using juxt/crux-core {:mvn/version "20.07-1.9.2-beta"}