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curious what folks here make of this announcement: seems quite relevant to the way Crux uses Kafka

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Jack Park00:02:01

I cannot tell (yet) whether they added those new features to the Apache Kafka build, but in any case, the website says you can download their platform for free.


Hey @plexus - absolutely! It's a very exciting development. I think this must have been an important component in how they got the costs so low for Confluent Cloud. The RBAC and Follower-Fetching updates are also really interesting to us.


We're going to be running a public Dev Showcase session (Google Hangout) today at 14:30 UTC - We'll be covering a range of topics and can discuss the Confluent Platform updates too. I'll post the full agenda here shortly.


Agenda: 1. 1.6.2 release update & 1.7.0 ETA 2. API changes – await-tx / tx-committed? / entity / open-tx-log 3. Bench + batch ingestion changes 4. Build changes and automation 5. CloudWatch metrics & more 6. Internal event bus 7. Independently pluggable doc & object store (e.g. s3) 8. Confluent Platform 5.4 & Crux 9. Paris Clojure meetup 10. crux-labs/crux-datascript spike 11. Beta 12. Q&A

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This seems like a really cool and informative hangout. I wish that I knew about it earlier. Will you post the recording of it? Thanks


@dotemacs hey, yep - the recording is being uploaded to Youtube as we speak 🙂

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I appreciate the effort you're making to make the development process accessible for us random folks on the Internet!

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