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Hi what is a good choice for :crux.node/kv-store if I want to run a JDBC postgres setup locally? I can't seem to find the possible options for :crux.node/kv-store in the documentation

Ivan Fedorov16:12:19

I would check examples directory, but I’m not sure


@U0HJD63RN hey! Sorry for the late response on this - the answer is RocksDB is a sensible default, and you'll want to use this alongside the JDBC topology options (

:crux.node/kv-store "crux.kv.rocksdb/kv"
:crux.kv/db-dir "data/db-dir-1"


did you get it working already?


Ah thanks @U899JBRPF Didn't realize that you JDBC driver was only a replacement for the kafka commit log?


Ie there isn't a jdbc kv store implementation


Not yet but got tied up this week


Ahh, yes that's how crux-jdbc works today. It's plausible to write a KV backend for SQLite but RocksDB/LMDB will be faster. The main requirement for the KV indexes is that they are local to the query engine, so it's not feasible to use a "remote" KV store powered by e.g. a Postgres cluster


when calling crux/db immediately after crux/submit-tx, is it guaranteed that I see the changes that were just transacted?


ok, thanks!

Ivan Fedorov16:12:26

Thanks for asking, I’ll extend the the docstring, when I’ll be around or perhaps @U899JBRPF may get there first

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Is there a way to use the :crux.tx/tx-time that submit-tx returns to sync up to that point? I'm trying this

(defn submit-tx [crux tx-ops]
  (let [tx-time (:crux.tx/tx-time (doto (crux/submit-tx crux tx-ops) prn))]
    (crux/sync crux tx-time 1000)
but this returns
Unhandled java.lang.ClassCastException
java.util.Date cannot be cast to java.time.Duration


nvm it's the timeout that has to be an instance of Duration duckie

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