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Any Crux users here at #clojure-conj?


@UCHV4JZ7A Hey - I guess you may have been the only one (though I doubt it!) 🙂 JUXT was sponsoring but no-one was able to attend this year unfortunately. How did you find it? Did Crux come up at all?


I doubt I was alone as well! Thank you JUXT for sponsoring! My first time at any Clojure conference. Absolutely lovely time with incredible people. And Durham is nice too.


Crux came up in discussions I had with other Fulcro/Pathom users


Two of us are likely going to explore building a Crux adapter for the new Fulcro RAD tooling. This is also the opportunity for me to properly kick the tires on Crux 😄

🆒 1

One of the first steps for me will be getting an “easy” docker-compose development setup going (I haven’t checked to see if it already exists).


Awesome! It looks like it was a great first Clojure conference - I certainly enjoyed catching up on a few of the talks (esp. Stu, Tony and Wilker's!). I saw Tony's RAD demo...super exciting. Please let me know if we can help somehow!


There's quite a few Docker files kicking around the Crux repo which might help. Getting k8s running with persistent volumes is in there too but I don't claim to know how it works right now 🙂