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I wonder how to include and require core.matrix.random in my project. I wanted to try out random-gaussian. I already included core.matrix.stats, it has a separate version from core.matrix, which confuses me.

Brian Chevalier06:11:56

Can you share some of the code such as your project.clj/deps.edn and the place where you require them? You should just be able to require multiple namespaces and use all of them

Brian Chevalier06:11:32

Something like the following should work:

(ns your.namespace
    (:require [core.matrix.stats :as stats]
              [core.matrix :as matrix]
              [core.matrix.random :as random])

(random/random-gaussian ...)


Hi Brian, my question is actually what do I need to put in project.clj to be able to use core.matrix.random.

Brian Chevalier23:12:39

If you already included core.matrix in your project.clj (i.e. [net.mikera/core.matrix “0.62.0”]) then you should be good to go other than requiring it in your namespace