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Not seen STRIPS before; and I’m no expert here but it looks like it’s essentially a planner; which is roughly speaking a programming system designed to find the right sequence of actions to achieve a goal. It’s probably similar to minikanren in that it’s essentially a search strategy over some solution space; where the program in the language defines what those solutions/constraints look like… But I think the flavour of expression will be different. A planner will more typically be oriented around finding sequences of actions that get you from where you are into a particular goal state. Whilst minikanren aims to be more general purpose… You should be able to implement a planner in minikanren (or a logic language like prolog), but I’m not sure the reverse would typically be desirable… Having said that it looks like STRIPS smells a bit like horn clauses Preconditions being the antecedents and Postconditions being the consequents. Also minikanren has goals of being purely relational, and is as much about having a simple implementation for research/educational purposes as anything else.