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Are there any good resources for learning core logic? I'm looking to translate a prolog sudoku CLP rule to clojure.


The reasoned schemer is probably the main one. There are some minor differences to core logic, but they’re mainly just syntactic ones.


Also the core.logic unit tests… iirc there is a sudoku solver as an example in there


I don't really understand the reasoner schemer and the rest of the books on that series


I thought it was supposed to be a way to teach difficult concepts in a way that "anybody could understand them", starting "from the beginning" and just putting some effort behind...


I find those books assume a HUGE amount of pre-existent knowledge


I determined that the best way to learn core.logic will probably have to be to learn prolog first, since there seems to be at least a couple of... normal books to learn from 🙂


maybe some other resource on could be useful but I haven't gone through the avalanche of links yet.


I personally really like the reasoned schemer and the other books in the series. Each panel builds on the last, and I don’t think they require much prior knowledge (beyond perhaps some of the little schemer, or a rough familiarity with a lisp e.g. clojure). I think the problem with those books isn’t so much that they assume any pre existing knowledge about logic programming; you can and should I think really read them without a computer… It’s more that they don’t tell you anything about why you should care, or how to apply it in practice… or even really what each chapter is teaching you. However, I also happened to have learned prolog 20 years ago, so :man-shrugging: Regardless the art of prolog is a great book; though you’ll probably want to learn minikanren as its own thing too. Many examples won’t translate directly.