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@rickmoynihan - sounds interesting. I'd love to take a look at matcha and play around when I have some time - perhaps this weekend.


SPARQL queries are a bit verbose for my liking - but I do like the idea of query string being a function and also a representation of the relationship you're querying


goes well with "code is data" mantra 🙂


@bajrachar: Thanks. What what’s there should be quite useful for us… Being a macro it obviously makes use of “code is data”, but I’d prefer to also offer a “data is data” model, so we can generate queries directly. Matcha is really just the BGP bit of SPARQL, so it’s hard to see how it could be made more terse… At some point I’ll probably add property paths to Matcha, to make it even more terse i.e. things like (construct-1 ?foafoafoaf [[:rick [:foaf/knows :foaf/knows :foaf/knows] ?foafoafoaf]])


and also an equivalent of VALUES clauses: (construct-1 ?label-or-title [[:resource #{:rdfs/label :dcterms/title} ?label-or-title]])