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#understatement 🙂


So, I want to input a number of parameters, and have core.logic deliver some success scenarios to me. If I want to guarantee randomness among those scenarios, I’m guessing I can’t rely on core.logic? That is - I have to take all of those success scenarios, and pick randomly among them, post run.


However, if sufficiently few parameters (they are all optional) are input, I predict that the number of success scenarios will be astronomic..


Is there a smart way to solve this


To be clear; I’m expecting core.logic to output an astromonomic number of solutions. Ideally, I’d like the final result to be a completely random one of these solution. Since it may be that the entire corpus of solutions cannot fit in memory, ideally, I’d like core.logic to ensure randomness in its resulting seq of solutions, if possible. Can it? Or do I have to puzzle out some adequate post-`run*` randomization myself?