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Martynas M10:05:27

Hey. Is there a good way to put an infinite lazy sequence onto a channel? It will block until there is data. Should I spawn a thread and loop over it or should I use onto-chan!!? Will onto-chan!! do what I expect? Edit: Upon reading source of onto-chan!! I think it's what I expect.

Martynas M16:05:14

Does anybody know why does it lock up when I start multiple goroutines? I don't have a reproducible piece of code but I have a go block that I start twice in my code. And when I start it the first time it works. But later I make it exit that go block and then restart that same code which creates the go block. And then it blocks. Did I mess something up? Where should I look for issues?

Martynas M17:05:11

Found it. It was because I locked up a lazy-sequence into repolling something which doesn't exist.