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@caleb.macdonaldblack isn't that load-urls function missing a (when urls ... check ?


Also, it's called without specifying a channel


Im not sure if the nil check on the url is necessary here, however it is odd the example doesn't pass in a channel into 'load-urls'


Perhaps put! can take nil instead of a channel? But then wouldnt the call to load-urls throw an arity exception? Maybe its just an example to explain how put! works but the actual code and whether or not it runs doesn't matter for the explaination


@caleb.macdonaldblack I am pretty sure it's just docs written in a hurry. Nil check on urls parameter is necessary, because in the callback to put! we are basically calling (load-urls (next urls) .. Next returns nil once we process last url. Then calling (first nil) throws NullPonterException.


Anyway, it's just a minor thing.