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@noisesmith I was able to implement in a go-loop via a simple recur what I was previously trying to model with a few different channels. this impl is much nicer and more concise, and doesn’t have to rely on a buffered chan or putting/taking from the same channel (which I agree smells like a no-no without purposeful intent)


Now I’m struggling to find any resources on generatively testing async/stateful functions… a few older libraries leaning on dated versions of clj-spec, and some research papers, but all-in-all it seems like a very new area.


I can unit test async channels with relative ease, now that I figured out the async macro (cljs) and the proper put/take/close ordering. But there are so many variations this seemed like a ripe case for generative testing.


Has anyone attempted to test core.async via clojure.spec generators?