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Hey guys, quick question about channels and transducers that I can’t seem to figure out from googling. Is there a straightforward way to consume from a channel, apply a transducer, and then write to another channel? I’m in trying to do something that looks like this: where my “consumer” would be a transducer that I would be applying to read from “in chan”, do stuff, and then write to “out chan" in n separate threads.


not sure I I totally understand what you need, but have you looked at core.async/pipeline ?


no, i haven’t, that looks like it might be what I’m looking for, thanks! Basically, I just have a transducer on a channel that has a network bound operation in it that I want to parallelize. This looks like it might get me on the right track


does the transducer itself have a network bound operation, or do you mean something upstream on the channel?