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When envoking CljRunAlternateNsTests in the appropriate source file I get a conjure error until I go to the respective test file and evaluate the buffer first. Is there a way around that?


So that call just tells the REPL to run the tests for a given namespace name, if doesn't exist... NPE basically? So the file needs evaluating first and I don't think I want to make Conjure evaluate your code automatically in any conditions, I haven't started doing that and I don't particularly want to. A) It's hard B) It's scary. Some namespaces shouldn't be evaluated unless the user explicitly asks for it. Last time I had people ask for tests to be evaluated before running I pointed them to using their own command that did an eval then ran the tests, that won't work it. Maybe I do need to put a require before the test run so at least it'll help with that first run :thinking_face:


Oh no, that all makes perfect sense to me. Don't change things on my account, I was just wondering if I was doing something silly. I have no clue how these things are working behind the scenes. So if you run that command and that test file buffer hasn't been evaluated yet, it would be difficult for Conjure to search for the file, and evaluate it first, then run the tests? Is that what would be happening?


The test file did exist before I started and connected to the repl.