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Martynas Maciulevičius13:07:49

Hey. I can't understand this error. It says that it can't find a namespace but I started REPL in the leiningen directory and only then opened the buffer. What does that mean? It opens just fine on Spacemacs. My import looks like this:

(ns api.main
  (:require [com.stuartsierra.component :as component]
This happens when I try to evaluate the whole buffer with <localleader>eb. I think I'm connected to the REPL that I started via :Lein but it doesn't allow to evaluate the namespace :thinking_face:


You're connected to babashka which is started for you automatically. If your lein repl is running you should be able to use ,cf to connect to the lein repl.


This can happen if you open a clojure file BEFORE starting your repl and forget to switch connections from the default babashka fallback to the new REPL you just started.

Martynas Maciulevičius11:07:41

Ok. Thanks. I'll try that.