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So strange that the stack trace and original error information isn't preserved though... I'm pretty sure everything aniseed loads is wrapped in a try catch, well, Luas equivalent.


Oh, because it's not an error! It's just writing a line to the error output which then gets tagged with the last .vim file to be invoked which happens to be aniseed!


Ah, thank you @U4GEXTNGZ, that makes sense and is most helpful. It's quite challenging to diagnose these issues when you only have a smart phone and stuck in the departure lounge of an airport for several hours (at least they have good & Free WiFi at Berlin airport)


Thanks @U38J3881W for helping me understand Aniseed a little more.


I'll write up the whole process of getting Conjure running in Termux over the next few days and add it to my (still very new) book on neovim

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that's awesome! will you be on clojured next weekend?


I am still building up my health, so not conferencing yet, but hope to do some videos on neovim and conjure in the coming months.


I'll be visiting Berlin a few times though for work during this year.


I hope you feel better soon, I wasn't aware that you were having issues :( I hope you enjoy your time in Berlin and thank you so much for producing content around Conjure. It means so much to me, I'll need to link to it!


Get well soon and ping me if you want to meet here in Berlin


Its taken a while to recover from last years long covid illnesses but I seem to be back on track now. I'm back in London already, it literally was just 24 hours (well 26 due to flight delays) in Berlin. Timo, it will be great to meet up in Berlin, hopefully next time I will be several days or a week long visit.

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