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[Olical/conjure] Pull request opened by glyh


Small things that make you proud, the main language of my dotfiles now is a lisp instead of shell, thanks @olical for enabling this haha

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Finally seeing it crop up for Conjure and Aniseed's repos too! Great to see!


My only complain would be the dull color of fennel that GH selected hahaha, green would be better. JK


Yeah! A dark green please, although I think that's the VimL colour? If I'm not mistaken...


@olical What's your preferred way of receiving donations? (Not sure if certain platforms take a giant cut out of them, so I figured I'd ask.)

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I think GitHub sponsors is the way to go personally! They take absolute no cut unless you're donating to an org... or maybe it's donating from an org? Not sure. But I get 100% of GitHub sponsors, very happy with that as a platform! Alternatively there's but GitHub now supports one off things too, so no reason to really use it imo. GH sponsors page is here:

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And thank you so much for anything you can give ❤️