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[Olical/conjure] Issue opened by Olical

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The Continium09:06:33

Hi - I am seeing log files like this “conjure-log-66961.cljc” produced in the project folder that I have not seen before. There are times where I can’t quit nvim without q! as the logfile is modified; I save and it immediately becomes modified again etc etc. Not sure if this is just me seeing this or if there is a setting I am missing ?


I have this problem as well, but i cant deterministically reproduce it


Are you running a command of some sort that saves all open buffers?


If so, maybe you're writing the log (an in memory scratch buffer by default) to disk, which may flip it from scratch to "real". And then at that point it's always marked as modified as conjure appends to it, so you can't quit until it's written?


That's my hunch anyway!

The Continium09:06:47

Thing that comes to mind that I have started using is session management ?


Ohh you might need to exclude the conjure buffers from your session management


Not sure if I can do that for you... I don't think I have control of that

The Continium10:06:24

FYI: this is using nvim nightly and a bunch of lua plugins … telescope, compe etc.

The Continium10:06:52

I’ll take a look and see if I have control of that with the plugin I am using


I think I remember using a session plugin before and having to tell it not to store fugitive and nerdtree buffers from it or it broke.


Hmm I don't see any options or issues for it. I wonder if it's looking for a certain option in the buffer to know it's a scratch and shouldn't be saved. Like you wouldn't want it to write fugitives buffer to disk, so I wonder how it knows not to.


A manually curated list in the code for common plugins?


Ohh if it's relying on the built in session tooling and is just doing the auto invocation... it's probably an option in nvim

The Continium10:06:09

my sessionoptions=curdir,help,tabpages,winsize

The Continium10:06:55

Let me see if I can find the steps that cause the issue.


I am using, but i cannot provoke the writing of the conjure-log file by creating sessions using it. By default it does not seems to do anything with the log-buffer as long as the buftypeis set to nofile


the fact that I've never seen this but I don't use sessions really suggests it's session related... or maybe some other plugin both of you have in common? Would one of you be able to open an issue with as much info as you can when you get a chance? I'd love to fix it! This just isn't a great place to track issues and share information since it vanishes after a time 😅


I wonder if we can find a minimal repro... I think it's around writing the file by mistake somewhere, then it gets included in sessions, then you end up with the "nofile" attribute being removed from the log buffer. So then nvim thinks you care about the modifications (things being appended to the log). We have to work out how the nofile option is being removed... if that is the root cause anyway.

The Continium17:07:02

For me it has gone away on develop after your change

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