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Here's a funny question, I find myself preferring to work with return data (in the conjure buffer), and when it comes to println -- or pprint especially -- I find myself removing the leading comment and "(out)" so that I can work with it as data. Would it be feasible to make an option to demarcate print info differently, so that the lines with data aren't prefixed?

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I think this isn't doable without a new option :thinking_face: would you be able to open an issue for this too? Thank you! I think it's a valid idea, just requires a little thought and a small feature.


I'd also use that if it was an option


I've added g:conjure#client#clojure#nrepl#eval#raw_out to support this idea. It's on develop let me know what you think! You can map this to a key or something if you end up toggling it a lot too.


Thanks so much!! I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to creating any tickets for you.


No problem! Everyone's busy ☺️