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If I have two sessions, one for clj and another for cljs. Can I auto switch session between them for clj/cljs files?


@olical heads up, it looks like the master -> main transition made it so that i had to intervene manually in order to update via vim-plug i ran :PlugUpdate today and conjure was not included in the updates, even though it should have been included i have the plugin specified in my vimrc as:

Plug 'Olical/conjure'
so i think what happened is, even though i didn't explicitly specify to track master, i already had the repo cloned in my ~/.vim/bundle directory tracking the master branch, and i think vim-plug is essentially just cd-ing into that directory and running git pull. and git pull would just pull and see that there are no new commits on master you might want to make sure people are aware of this change, because apparently some manual intervention is needed in order to get versions newer than the last commit on what was origin/master


i'm going to delete and re-install conjure, just to be sure that future updates will work


interesting! upon running :PlugInstall, i got this error:

x conjure:
    fatal: invalid reference: master
so apparently vim-plug defaults to master?


guess i'll have to specify to track main


i realize i'm doing something other than what the README says to do 🙂 the README says to specify the plugin as:

Plug 'Olical/conjure', {'tag': 'v4.11.0'}
i've always figured master/main is stable enough, and if an update does cause breakage (which happens only rarely), i know i can always come here for help


Oh no, that's awful, thank you for the heads up. I could've sworn I read that GitHub will handle the redirection on their end in a blog post :(


I'll look into it tomorrow


I think the issue might be more to do with how vim-plug updates existing plugins


Poooosibly, although I think it's a git thing really. If vim-plug did a harder reset it'd probably be okay but maybe have other tradeoffs.


I'll make an announcement about it at least


I should've checked first!


vim-plug defaults to master I see


You know what, I'm going to swap it back, I know it'll be annoying for you and @U0DTSCAUU but I should've researched this


It's caused a bunch of issues, not worth it right now.


I agree with @U0AHJUHJN, I think this is more about vim-plug. I’m still not sure what the problem was. Plug had checked out the v4.11.0 tag, so I’m not sure why it cared what another branch was called.


Maybe when I switched to v4.11.0 it assumed that I was coming from master and tried to analyze that, even though I was really coming from another tag.


Plug 'Olical/conjure', {'branch': 'main'}
did the trick