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Is there autocompletion (with the nice doc window) for cljs? I am using coc.nvim with coc-conjure and get it in my regular clojure files (with cider in my dependencies) but am not getting anything in a cljs file (using shadow-cljs with the same cider dependency)


@chase-lambert for shadow-cljs you need to also connect to the appropriate context. ConjureClientConnect <name-of-app>


I do connect to the cljs side using :ConjureShadowSelect app and can evaluate all the sexps and such. It just doesn't give me the same doc/auto completion support I get from regular clojure.


You won't get the same level of detail, we just can't do it with CLJS. It degraded a month or so ago when clj-suitable broke something cider relied on for clever cljs completion too


I don't have the issue to hand, but I think it's on shadow-cljs or suitable


Which is out of my hands until it's fixed, then I can turn the smarter completions back on