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Hello folks, how you all clear the conjure buffer? I'm deleting the buffer lines, but doesn't seems optimal.


So I just delete the buffer contents or even bdelete! if required, but that's SUPER rare, like when I accidentally print a 100k+ line value 😬


What times are you having to clear the buffer? Or is it just to keep things tidy and concise? I'm considering adding a mapping or command for this (probably command so it's more intentional and not accidental) but I'm still not sure if it's really essential.


When I'm running the tests, and I have a stack error in the middle of my results, I like to clear the buffer to run them again


just to make easier to see the outputs I can open de buffer go to the top and read the outputs, but this is something very personal I think


I'm thinking <prefix>lR as the default mapping, feel free to make suggestions and thoughts in there.


Sounds good, I liked the mapping


that's a feature idea that has never occurred to me, but i think there's a possibility that if it were available, i would use it quite a bit


sort of analogous to spamming ^L in a terminal


It's on develop, there's <prefix>lr to soft reset (keeping windows open and resetting the line content) and <prefix>lR to hard reset. The hard reset uses bwipeout!, so the buffer is rebuilt completely including mappings, config, lines etc. Good if another plugin has somehow interfered and broken the buffer.


Let me know if it works okay for you 🙂


Hey is working great for me! Thanks a lot.


Glad to hear!