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I can't rememebr where the discussion was left


evalulating inside a comment block?


Hey! It ended up with "yes" but the question is when I'll get around to it and how hard it'll be / if tree-sitter makes it trivial (treevial?). I created an issue on the GitHub for it recently too, so we can always discuss or watch for updates there for the future :)

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That's the one!


I've been pretty quiet on the Conjure front because I've been building talks, refactoring, adding other languages, but hopefully I can speed up again soon. Work + pandemic leads me to shy away from extra OSS too 😬 I'm excited to get back to adding things soon. I know you're not pressuring me at all here btw, just wanted to mention that I'm excited to do things soon 🙂

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I moved most of my internal todo list into the issue tracker for people to watch / comment on and to reduce the amount of duplicated queries. It also shows how many things I'm considering 😅 gotta pick what I work on carefully and after I've given it enough thought to make sure I get it right.


I think I did try to tackle the comment eval in a time box and ran out of time, it's pretty tricky to search for pairs outwards up to an N-1 point, like there's no way to tell nvim to do that. So I have to write it myself for the most part and it could be slow / buggy because I can only search from the cursor position, which might need to be moved as part of the solution which I really never want to do.


Although I move the cursor for "eval at mark", but I think that's mostly acceptable.


Hopefully I can find a clever easy way!


well, maybe treesitter will arrive soon


0.5 is definitely progressing, init.lua loading by default arrived in master the other day


hehe, "stop right before comment when evaling a root form" does sound like a simple feature. These things have a way of making you think it's a five minute job, and then, 2 years later... 😁


Yeaaaah there's just no way to ask nvim to find that. The only tool you have is "find a pair of [something]" and you can say "go until you run out of file" or "stop early".


That's basically it


And out from the cursors current position


tree-sitter on the other hand 🤤 my dream


init.lua? oh wow