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@olical have you considered something like a release branch (or similar) where you merge each release into, so that we can have automatic upgrades with :PlugUpdate, without having to manually bump the version tag?


That's what master is really 🙂 I just don't recommend anyone use plugins like this that are such a key part of your workflow so that you don't run into it randomly doing something different or breaking one day as you sit down to get things done.


You can rely on master, you'll just have to bear in mind that it can change without you noticing in ways that might not be nice. I hope that's not the case 99% of the time, but there's a chance I could make a mistake or change something for the better in a breaking way.


That makes sense. I see master has a whole bunch of commits, though. The advantage of a separate release branch is that it allows one to follow from "full release" to the next "full release", and avoid the higher likelihood of instability by running a version between releases.


Changes between releases I'm happy to live with 🙂


Oh I work on develop then merge to master upon release.


So I rarely if ever change master between releases, usually just to fix something small in the README if I ever have to.


So develop is like nightly / unstable, master is the latest stable version.


Oh, ok then! All sorted 🙂


I guess you do fast-forward merges then, which is why the git history makes it look like you're working on master 🙂


And you're more than welcome to use master, I only recommend to pin to tags and subscribe to releases to have more intentful updates as and when you're comfortable with them.


Yep! I fast forward atm but in big batches.

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I live on the edge, I'm on develop


And your risk is very much appreciated! I hope I'll get some more features like multiline result folding out this week(end) too 👀


I always look forward to seeing your work 🙂


Got to post those stickers too, they're not huuuugely sticky so a handful have begun to curl off of the backing 😭 I'll post them out this weekend then hopefully some of them will be decent enough quality.


The material they're printed on is too stiff, it's more plastic than paper so they tend to want to curl off of things rather than wrap around.


I've spread them out and laid my go board on them to give them some flatness 😅


I will be placing my strategically near my computer