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I'm getting a weird coc.nvim error whenever I try to type anything. I get: [coc.nvim] Complete error: Cannot create property 'filterText' on string '$' I'm using conjure with coc-conjure but not sure which part of the workflow is having the issue. It's only occurring in clojure files. Any clues?


Hmmm I don't think I have any advice for this :thinking_face: is it working for other strings until you try to complete $ or are you not even working with that character? Or are you even completing things at the time?


I don't use coc, so I'm a little out of context


yeah it's when I try to write anything after a parenthesis. It's something going on with coc.nvim autocompletion I assume. Weird. I'll play around with it a bit later and see if I can figure something out.


There is already a pull request to fix the issue.


I hope it gets merged soon!


Sorry about the issue!


I've run into this too. I'm just disabling coc until the patch is merged