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Aleh Atsman11:08:13

Hey, I am trying to setup next config prop let g:conjure#log#wrap=1 but I am getting Option 'wrap' requires a Boolean value


Hmm odd, that should do it, although I'd do let g:conjure#log#wrap = v:true which I think is totally equivalent.


Maybe there's an issue with the option but I thought this was working fine for others :thinking_face:

Aleh Atsman12:08:01

Maybe it should be something like

(when (config.get-in [:log :wrap])
            (nvim.win_set_option :wrap))

Aleh Atsman12:08:33

one more question, when I try to build conjure locally

rm -rf lua
deps/aniseed/scripts/ aniseed conjure
deps/aniseed/scripts/ line 14: rsync: command not found
find: 'lua/conjure/aniseed': No such file or directory
make: *** [Makefile:22: compile] Error 1

Aleh Atsman12:08:41

what am I missing?

Aleh Atsman12:08:32

let g:conjure#log#wrap = v:true works fine!

Aleh Atsman12:08:36

but this is not let g:conjure#log#wrap = 1


Hmm I'll try to tweak it so 1 works, but I always use v:true and v:false for clarity personally. Also the build requires rsync for copying files around. I did have a method that didn't require rsync but it broke on OSX sadly, the cp isn't implemented in the same was as every Linux distro. So rsync is far more portable if you have it installed.


I've fixed this on develop so it'll accept 1/0 now 🙂

Aleh Atsman07:08:01

great! thanks for quick help!

Aleh Atsman11:08:21

what is the proper way to set this?