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I’m often seeing Conjure’s floating window not scroll to the bottom of the results, so I have to open the log to get the full picture.


It’s usually a combination of stdout printing a few lines, then the returned data structure is pretty-printed so it’s a few lines long.


Not a huge deal as I don’t use the floating windows very often, but perhaps I’ve misconfigured something?


That's actually by design and took a long time to get right 😅


It's because the most interesting part of the data structure is usually at the top, so that's what I try to show in the HUD.


If you get a bunch of closing parens and braces it's less useful


BUT, that could be configurable. However: I'm about to head off to stay with my family for a week so I'm going to have minimal input for a bit (I'll be on a small boat on a river somewhere in England). So I'm probably going to forget, would you be able to raise issues for this and anything else that comes to mind?


No worries, enjoy your holiday, sounds lovely :)


I'm planning on moving my huge Todo list to GitHub so I can show what I'm working on and people can discuss things. As well as show what'll be in the next release ahead of time ☺️ but I'll do that after my holiday.

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Enjoy your holiday!


If I do the following: • navigate to,eb to evaluate the buffer • ,tn to test the namespace • change (deftest foo ...) to (deftest bar ...),eb to evaluate the buffer (or ,er if the cursor is in the (deftest bar ...),tn to test the namespace It still runs the tests for foo. What should I do differently to make sure that internals get undefined when they are removed? Or how can I remove them manually?

Fortino Gutierrez19:08:54

What I do is save it and the use ef to evaluate the file instead of the buffer


@U013GBJSU87 the issue isn't relative to what's being evaluated, it's that the deftests are being evaluated and placed in the namespace. When the deftest is removed, the test is still defined in the namespace as far as the REPL is concerned


The messages in #vim are a good bet, you need to undef the old one through a Clojure var mechanism. Not sure which one exactly, but you could then create a mapping to this via the ConjureEval command


I don't think there's a way for me to do this automatically in a way that wouldn't break a bunch of other behaviours and workflows


it sounds like ,tn might be tied to the current state of the file instead of the buffer


tn will be whatever is currently evaluated in memory, so it could differ from the file and buffer 😅


if you save the file and use ,ef instead of ,eb, does it work?

Fortino Gutierrez20:08:53

Hi guys, is there a way to have a loading indicator when you reload a bunch of files?


Hmm, could you narrow that down a little for me? Because I can think of a way (see sandbox.cljc in the dev/clojure directory of conjures source, there's a thing that prints out equal signs on a timed loop in the big comment block)


Do you mean when you use tools namespace refresh? Because I don't think that gives me any feedback?

Fortino Gutierrez14:08:00

No, i mean when you load files to the repl \rr I usually reload a bunch of files, and the HUD shows a list of all the files to be reloaded and at the end it just shows that the reload ended, I was thinking in maybe show a spin or something in the status bar when the files are still loading


Hmm yeah a progress bar isn't possible as far as I know, however some more feedback about it working in the background could be good!

Fortino Gutierrez18:08:16

Yep any info that is working will be helpful