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Hi, I’ve been using conjure for a few months and I love it 🙂 I think it’s more a coc issue than a conjure issue but I am getting [coc.nvim] Definition not found for current document when trying to use the coc-definition feature - it had been working fine so far but seems that I broke it after upgrading a bunch of things on my machine


Hmm that's almost definitely a coc issue, which I don't use :thinking_face: not sure if any others can help with this?


yeah I was hoping someone had had the same issue 😂 I don’t really have time to investigate now but I’ll post a solution if I find one in case that happens to other people


Sounds good! Sorry that I can't help with this one, I'm not a fan of the whole npm / node workflow with coc and I'm not relying on LSP in any way right now, all I use is deoplete for async completions


yeah I am not a fan of coc either but I kind of had to switch to it as I needed to get setup for scala quickly and didn’t want to spend too much time finding the right plugins Actually I just realised the problem was clojure-lsp which is used to jump to definitions not coc-conjure , so all fixed now 🙂


Ooo interesting! Well done!


Also worth noting that I'm pretty sure Neovim has a built in Language Server client now :thinking_face: or maybe it's on master and not released yet? But worth keeping an eye on that!


Exciting stuff though!


ops now I saw it's fixed, but if you need a settings for adding clojure-lsp in your setup, the link is still relevant haha


yeah I ended up using what was on I must have removed it by mistake somehow I am looking forward to nvim-lsp should be really cool