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Is there some way to change the font size just in the hud? or introduce wrapping somehow? the first ~10 words are rarely enough for me to understand what's going on, clojure(script) errors are often very much written in a style which combines full information with full obscurity, even googling them fully doesn't always yield results, so having only part of it and then going for a hunt in the logs if I don't see it slows me down even more than my own newbishness.


I'm afraid not, no, vim has no concept whatsoever of font sizes. This is entirely down to your terminal or GUI. I highly doubt any of the GUI frontends let you do this either although I've never checked


You could set let g:conjure#log#hud#width = 1 maybe, that'd use the full width of your editor for the HUD which might help a little?


I tend to just open up the log in a tab quickly if there's a long line


Or in a horizontal split


But yeah, I agree that lots of things fly off screen, it's not really the norm though, so the norm has been optimised for which is things that fit within ~80-100 characters (pretty printed data)


I could maybe add some text wrapping but that'll break all sorts of formatting which would suck. Especially if you're printing ASCII tables or something to stdout, I want to preserve your output exactly as it is.,


Is there a hook for processing errors planned? That would allow the user to print exceptions how they like. haha, am i asking the same question again šŸ˜„ do we just override some nrepl middleware?


at the moment I'd really like to see the ex-data printed, if it exists -- for instance


Hooks through custom autocmds are on my radar


Output middleware... not so much


I think if nREPL can do it, I'd lean on that


But I'm being pulled in 100 different directions today so I just wanted to reply but there's other points to be made here!


sorry to pile on! your project is just so kick-ass!


Oh no not at all! It's a good question and I wanted to give it some kind of response just in case I forget to do so


I'm really hoping there's something that can be done in Clojure / nREPL land to make them pretty


Maybe even middleware :thinking_face:


Because I don't want to tackle getting that right atm, formatting errors without missing key info etc is HARD and I'd rather someone else did a project that specialised in that, if that makes sense?

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Otherwise I end up being a jack of all trades, master of none




I almost never have anything anywhere pretty printed, much less in the HUD, it's always just text. The one exception I remember seeing formatting is when I connect to the app. Otherwise it's just logs and text without any formatting. Or error messages from the logs. Very much not formatted, just in the middle of everything


Hi all! I've used conjure v2 for months happily, but I bumped the tag from v2.1.2 to v4.1.0 with vim-plug, and it is just showing it has having a pending update. Conjure is never loaded, regardless of the filetype (`.clj`) or presence of .nrepl-port. Even completely uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin doesn't resolve this. I feel like I'm missing something really basic.


:thinking_face: I've never seen vim-plug give this message, have you tried rm -rfing the repo vim-plug cloned?


You're not missing anything, if you have an nREPL port file it'll just connect the first time you open a Clojure file


I'm also confused because none of the :Conjure... commands are available. Let me check my installation again, and have a proper nrepl session going.


:thinking_face: you don't need the install compile script now either


That might be causing you issues!


And preventing the update


It's all compiled for you, no JVM involved at all, it's just Lua in the repo


verified that :PlugClean is correctly removing the entire git clone. and I've removed the do: 'bin/compile' bit too.


I'd imagine that was the culprit


sorry, I meant, I did that when I bumped to v4.1.0. I haven't had it the tag was bumped. I was gonna try re-adding it until you said it's no longer required.


I'm still not completely convinced I didn't mess something up in my install. I'll run through the paces again, aware of the major prepl->nrepl change. Maybe that'll help.


Oh! I see!


And sorry to drop prepl->nrepl onyou


I promise it's for the best


Not a problem at all! I should have read the release notes before bumping 2 major versions. šŸ˜…


I've looked at the vim-plug docs a few times, and found D to list the pending updates, but having trouble finding out how to APPLY them


I'm starting to think the "pending" updates are just changes on master that aren't in the tag. So that leaves me with "conjure just isn't loading"


And... now I'm questioning my own sanity... conjure only supports nrepl now? Nvm. Found the nrepl announcement in the v3 release.


Yeah, sorry, this'll be pretty jarring since I rewrote everything to fix several fundamental flaws that were causing bugs I couldn't fix (race conditions because Conjure was a combination of VimL and Clojure in another process)


So now everything is Lua (compiled from a lisp), runs within Neovim's process and is basically the same UX but refactored


No worries! I remember you being concerned with some fundamental issues, and am glad the nrepl issues got ironed out.


I'm reaaaaly sorry about having this as a potentially unpleasant surprise. I promise the new version is much better in basically every way, it'll just take a sec to get accustom.

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There's no config to learn, every config value is just let g:conjure#..., so hopefully there's nothing to learn really


Mappings are the same


Everything is nREPL with optional CIDER now, but that experience is just so much better. I tried my best to make prepl work, but it was just too much duct tape for my liking in the end. Now we have shadow-cljs + full completion support šŸ˜„

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Also it supports multiple lisps as a core design principal šŸ™‚

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I think that's all of the main things covered šŸ˜… but yeah, I just hope it's not too much of a bad surprise. I've been really busy on the project


I'm just really glad all the multiple lisps got sorted out. looking forward to the clj+cljs


Update: ā€¢ Yes, if I remove the tag entirely, vim-plug will pull master and after update, will show "Already up to date" ā€¢ If I use a tag, vim-plug status will just show "OK", and "pending updates" will be the commits in master downstream from the tag ā€¢ nvim is still not loading conjure at all, even after a full clean of the plug checkout. commands like :ConjureRefresh are not defined; :Con<tab> just lists 'confirm', 'const', and 'continue'


So pending updates mystery is solved, and not the culprit. For some reason, conjure just isn't being loaded/sourced? Gonna do a verbose startup to see where it's going wrong. Entirely possible it's a problem on my side.


@olical Yep, all me, and I'm sorry for the noise! Somewhere along the line my vim->`nvim` symlink got lost, and the built-in /usr/bin/vim has been playing doppelganger, and the has('nvim') in plugin/conjure.vim was rightly returning false. Many apologies @olical! I'll fire up :ConjureSchool and start reaping the benefits of all your work! šŸ™

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Just as a matter of curiosity, do other people do the same, and still type vim when you want neovim? Or have you retrained your fingers to type nvim?


I use nvim and this šŸ™‚


Brute force finger re-education. Nice. šŸ™‚


I should've shocked myself each time or something šŸ˜…


Worked eventually


I just alias v to nvim and get real lazy with it

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I also alias v to nvim

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I settled on alias vim='echo you mean v; false', which I found out also helps when I try to tab complete filenames... because it doesn't.

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hey @olical would you be open to re-adding in the folding of long results?


Yep! Of course! I have it on my list still, I'll give it a little hammock time today, maybe over my first haircut since COVID-19 šŸ‘€


Awesome, thank you.