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Anthony Khong13:07:53

@olical, are you going to apply to Clojurists Together? The applications are still open:


Thanks for the heads up! I wasn't planning on this time around since I recently started a new job, I won't be able to justify a mini sabbatical this early on I don't think.


One day though!


For now sponsorships are really helping my motivation, I'd eventually slide my time to be 80% workwork and 20% Conjure / OSS anyway, I used to work 4 days a week and I'd like to go back to that eventually.

clj 3

I've been having an issue where I start a repl but Conjure isn't able to make an automatic connection like usual. I can't narrow it down to when yet but if I exit nvim and start a fresh session and do it again it works as intended. It's happening in my lein and deps.edn projects. How do I make it so those nrepl's are populating the .nrepl-port file with a default port or whatever? I hate having to go see what the random nrepl port is and using that with the :ConjureConnect command.


Do I create that .nrepl-port file myself or can I change my .lein/profiles.clj and .clojure/deps.edn setups to do all this automatically


lein repl should do it automatically. deps.edn is a little more work. I have an alias that starts a repl and writes that file.


--interactive should create the .nrepl-port file from clj cli fwiw 🙂


Do you happen to have your dotfiles online? I would like to add that to my repl alias too.


I do, one sec


it uses a small bit of code I wrote to make starting up nrepl/socket repl/rebel


might be too much, but it does work well


this looks like a good collection of more general aliases:


including rebel-nrepl which is similar to what mine does


Ok, yeah, thank you. So you are pulling in a whole self made dependency to do the work. That is cool but might be a bit much for me. I'll explore through this.


Have you tried vim-jack-in for such things?


From my experience vim-jack-in works great for this and does write the port. Here's the args I use for clojure cli (without the deps.edn part but still)

clj -A:nrepl:cider \
    -m nrepl.cmdline \
    --middleware "[cider.nrepl/cider-middleware]" \


I have a feeling the interactive flag ensures the .nrepl-port file is created?


As for lein, is should definitely make the file :thinking_face:


I haven't. I prefer to manage my repl from another tmux pane


although it looks like from reading the vim-jack-in source, it should be writing the .repl-port file