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Is there a setting to adjust the default log height? Also, is there a way to keep my cursor in the file buffer instead of switching it to the log when first opening it? Edit: I guess it might be difficult setting the height for only a horizontal split huh? nbd


So you can set the size of the HUD to take up the full width and 20% of the height of the screen, which might be useful. Although you might not like that it'll jump between the top and bottom to avoid hiding your cursor.


The splits can't be sized from Conjure right now, I have very minimal config for those. What you can do though is compose those minimal tools (which are just normal splits!) with your own mappings. So if you create a mapping (maybe move the original elsewhere if you want to use that through config) that calls the split mapping of your choice and then uses <c-w><c-p> to hop back to the previous window. You can do some resizing in between opening and hopping back to the other window too!


let g:conjure#log#hud#width = 1 will make the HUD take up the full width.


Adding some config about the HUD positioning / auto positioning too, so you could always lock it to the bottom taking up the full width and like 15% of the height (for example)