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Is anyone else still having issues with the HUD background colour? Some themes seem to make it bright pink which isn't super readable. Conjure has no theme, so this is the Pmenu group, I wonder if I can create like a sub group that inherits from Pmenu so people can change the HUD background without changing their autocomplete popup :thinking_face:


so the autocomplete popup can be bright pink still? : )


Hah, good point, that is probably not what anyone wants. But they may want their autocomplete popup different to their Conjure HUD. Which really sounds like I'm talking myself into yet more work for something I'm not sure anybody wants... so I'll leave it for now.


I just need to make it more obvious how you can change the background, I'm not setting it.


Ohh, just discovered NormalFloat! :highlight NormalFloat ctermbg=black guibg=black


That works for the HUD


My new config approach feels quite a bit more discoverable!

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[develop f716432] Rewrote all config, deleted session list mapping
 34 files changed, 389 insertions(+), 538 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 fnl/conjure/client/clojure/nrepl/config.fnl
 delete mode 100644 fnl/conjure/client/janet/netrepl/config.fnl
 delete mode 100644 lua/conjure/client/clojure/nrepl/config.lua
 delete mode 100644 lua/conjure/client/janet/netrepl/config.lua
😬 and more to do


Plan is to get the old system working as a shim with a warning for a while too, so the update / develop shouldn't break your setup but push you towards the new one.


There's a LOT less going on in the new config system so it should be easier to use.


I just wish I could somehow nicely organize my vim config, but everywhere I look there are quite big ad-hoc, one man systems


I am using stow for dotfiles btw, it's really nice


but the organization inside vim would require me to get on the next level with vim


You can just get away with a single init.vim file and all of your let g:... in there, then just add a bunch of comments to split things up. Some people add folding to their vimrc too which makes it quite easy to navigate.


I have a whole custom system for dynamically loading files but that's just my thing that I developed over years as I saw the need. Keep it as simple as you want 🙂 I use stow too, it's great for dotfiles.


I have a single init file but there is too much in it


yeah, dotfiles, very convenient to install/uninstall them


Definitely give folding via comments a go

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I read this, twice. Says 109 is long, mine is 331. There is an example fold in the article linked and that fold wraps a number of lines. So to use this technique, I would have to wrap some lines in some comments. What I think I didn't express clearly before that I don't even know what to learn to know how to group these lines, how to organize them. Folding is great if you have at least some conception of what you want to hide and how to describe it, but most of my init vim is arcane magic to me, as obscure as anything.


Before I wrote here I actually spent about 5 minutes trying to at least put some folds in and it seemed pointless 🙂 Not sharing it with any expectations in mind, just in case someone seeing this is curious.


Just pushed doc changes, so I think I'm done for today. If you want to be an early bird, hop over to develop and you'll see warnings for where you're setting config with the old system. All docs should be updated already. Config is now set through let g:conjure#..., it can be set before or after Conjure is loaded, so far less confusion there I hope!


The only notable changes are: Things that were prefixed by mappings are now mapping, clients is now filetype_client and all of the client specific config is under g:conjure#client#clojure#nrepl#... etc.


Old config styles should work but show warnings. I will remove it pretty quickly, so I'll write up a guide to updating (not much to it) when I get around to releasing.


Just looking for early feedback right now 🙂 it's been quite a bit of work but I think it's worth it in the long run.


My changes to my dotfiles to update from a custom function I had to just g:conjure#...


Things I had to change in the config to get it to work in vim land: * ? suffixes are gone, incompatible. * - is now _. * everything is one path system separated by #, no more clojure.nrepl/debug special casing. That's about it really... other than moving mappings and clients around slightly.

Olical14:06:06 quite a few changes so far 😬 let's hope they're all perfectly accurate!


I just had a skim and I can't spot any typos, let me know if any docs etc seem wonky!