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Eugene Tyurin19:05:00

I have a question about logging with conjure - the log window does not seem to capture any of the output. Instead it all goes to wherever the original "lein repl" has been launched. How can this be fixed? I generally like to have my code use (log/info "xyz") for ongoing diagnostics instead of (println "xyz")


Yeah, this is an nREPL / thing more than Conjure, I'm not doing anything extra to capture stdout, it should be captured by default. I would imagine it isn't because the logging is going out under another thread where *out* is bound to stdout, not nREPL's capture.


@U38J3881W cider does this with no configuration


There's an operation to redirect console output to nrepl


Oh, I see! Is that something I should be executing all the time on connection or offering to users I wonder :thinking_face:


Just tried out-subscribe but it doesn't seem to make a difference.


I've added :ConjureOutSubscribe and :ConjureOutUnsubscribe to the develop branch. I'm sending the op but it doesn't seem to work at all, maybe it'll work for you! @U012XDRMY6T

Eugene Tyurin17:05:20

Thanks @U38J3881W - I just checked with the latest version, and it works. I only had to fiddle with .lein/profile.clj - add cider/nrepl to :user/:profiles in addition to :repl/:profiles. One day I'll figure those out...

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