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If you don't have splitbelow and splitright set, Conjure's log will appear on the left or top. Do you think I should leave that up to you to set and configure globally or should I force the log to always open on the right or bottom.


Feels like the vim way is to open on left and right and let the user fix it. But then again the location list and quick fix list usually opens on the bottom by default. Is the log more like a new buffer split or like the location/quick fix? If it's like the latter, then maybe force to bottom by default makes sense.


I tend to slam the log buffer to the right no matter how it was initially opened.


It's more like a buffer imo. It should always be treated as one and respect how your buffers and windows are configured. That being said, if people want normal splits to work one way and conjure to work another way I could maybe add config.


But I don't mind doing that.


I'm okay with it as is, I think relying on vim config is good here, but just looking for people who want most windows on the left but the log on the right.


If I add those event hooks (like auto commands) you could have it move the window on open I guess. But that's for the future.


Sounds good


I started working on the Clojure nREPL client docs today! Quite a bit still to do but yay!


Will do some more tomorrow, hope to have the first pass of the docs complete tomorrow really. There's not much left.