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I am interested in Onyx


And I got the Clojure machine learning book for free while Packt Publishing was running that special


how would you make use of that as a backend to


Well I was thinking of running something against all the collected evaluated forms, and maybe form (pun intended) common usage patterns, and then have warnings like lein-kibit...but it is just a first thought, I am confident I can come up with something better :)


@alexmiller you mean without using tools like Spark or even Onyx? Pure Clojure AI from scratch?


Sorry disregard the above ^


Hey guys! I'm thinking about a react native proposal but can't think of anything specific. Are there particular fields you can think of or should it be something like "getting started with react native"


@dvcrn: This is currently the most popular topic on the wiki: "ClojureScript + ReactNative (9 interested)"


Not sure who added it or if anyone else is proposing a react native talk, but @alexmiller should be able to offer some advice on this


seems to me that a "getting started" talk would be good as the subject is so new to the cljs community

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:01:36

You can check the history if you want to see who added or bumped it

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:01:32

I don't have access atm to the submitted proposals, not sure whether anything is in yet

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:01:11

Generally half the proposals come in in the last 2 days


@meow: @dvcrn I added it - and then likely a bunch of #C0E1SN0NM folks bumped it


cool - did you plan to submit a proposal on the topic or just interested @donmullen


Was hoping one of these folks ( might jump in — those with much more hands on experience — @dvcrn I think the only person who has said he might submit. I’m open to presenting and could pull together a ‘current state of cljsrn”. Things are certainly moving fast - but it’s definitely still bleeding edge.


Here’s a placeholder for ideas : - currently empty.