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Is anyone using component with ClojureScript? I’m rebuilding a production cljs app, and my team’s looking at implementing component from the start.


@wildermuthn: before adding the ClojureScript support to Mount, I did some research and polled quite a few devs to understand the need better. What I found is most people did not use component on cljs side, but there were a couple that did and liked it. Those guys used: (so you don't have to build your own). Hope it helps.


@tolitius: right now I’m comparing mount and component, seeing which plays better with figwheel.


Looks like Component was updated recently to work with ClojureScript, last September.


sure, if you have any problems with Mount cljs, share them in #C0H7M5HFE, we recently added several things for figwheel (reload things). but if you feel component does it for you, some devs I talked to who use component-cljs are quite solid, so I would expect it to also work with no major problems