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Seems like spam, leading with Raspi Foundation, though they most certainly are not them.

Petar Potic14:02:38

The whole project is powered by and which runs several developer centered surveys per year. Feel to check both. Feel free to also check the around the developer space. You might find something usefull. I am not here to spam neither get in a dispute for the solidity of the links. It would be great if you are able to share our cause. Thats all. In case you any more questions please do ask.


I'll leave this report up in case folks still want to take the survey -- but I will say that joining an online community and immediately posting a survey link that is unrelated to that community without even introducing yourself is... extremely rude. Whatever your intentions were @U04MHN9UY1H, introducing yourself and asking if a non-Clojure post was acceptable would have gotten you a much better reception. Something you might want to consider when approaching other communities.

Petar Potic08:02:17

Hi @U04V70XH6!! Great e-meeting you! Apologies for my rudeness. I appreciate taking up the time to share your thoughts with me on this. To be honest it is quite insightful and I am gonna use it in the future for sure. That being said I would love to make it up somehow. This community seems really great and I also saw in your website that you do some internal surveys (State of Conjure). In case you are interested I could talk with my team and maybe collaborate on something different that could be of value to you. In the meantime it would be nice to get to know you guys better and the things you are working on. I am always open to learning new things and sharing knowledge.